Component Placement

  • Teledyne EMS has 4 SMT lines focused on Military/Aerospace production where tin whisker mitigation is critical
  • One SMT line is dedicated to Commercial assembly to meet RoHS requirements
  • Teledyne EMS is currently placing 0201 chip components in regular production.  01005 chips have been successfully placed in Engineering trials.
  • Large components up to 2” x 6” are within Teledyne EMS SMT placement capabilities
  • Teledyne EMS successfully places a variety of grid array packages including Ball Grid Array (BGA), Ceramic Column Grid Array (CCGA) and Land Grid Array (LGA)
  • Robust processes have been developed for QFNs, various RF filters and RF Shields that meet the requirements of IPC Class 3 assembly
  • Teledyne EMS has custom component lead forming capability when required
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